Blathering about Parents, Employment, and my Naivety

I had not intended for this blog to cover personal issues, but I’m not opposed to utilizing its cathartic potential. My mom is pretty against the idea behind Idealist Junk because she thinks I’m ignoring my responsibilities as an adult. As a member of Earth’s most ancient civilization, her perception of motivation and hard work has little to with independent ventures; she’ll be satisfied when I present a stack of paper applications from my local eateries, or hand kill 4 bears and a various assortment of wild game. I attempted to explain that this blog is not, in theory, a waste of time. I have a background in writing and it is my hope that the university concentrations that I worked so hard to complete afford me some sort of job opportunity. Too idealistic? Perhaps. But because I’m trying this thing where I incorporate rational thinking into my everyday reveries (certainly makes the fantasies less enticing), I thought a unique portfolio of research and writing would be appealing to a future employer. At least that’s what I told her, and I fully stand behind it. What I left out of the conversation was the fact that I just simply like to write, damnit.

To be honest, what bothers me the most is her lack of support. I usually discard parental deprecation with a mere roll of the eyes (which has many times exacerbated the situation), but this time it struck me a bit deeper. I feel like she probably doesn’t trust my intentions – my abilities.

Well, Mom and I had a long talk. Apologies were exchanged. I selected the previous text with the intention of replacing it with a very cool discussion of my favorite tech products of the year (something that will follow this post). But, I think deleting it would be a mistake. Most of my friends are recent graduates while a few unfortunate fellows are straddling the line between alumnus and old ass person who has been at the cusp of graduation several times (I choose not to identify with either since this is my blog and I make the rules). For the former set, I predict that some people will end up settling for a job that they never, ever envisioned themselves in. And this is sad because as students, we put ourselves through hell because we expect to make da moneys and live amazing lives.

I seriously doubt most people drink 8 pots of coffee and camp out in the library just for fun (but if we’re being real, I totally would do this for fun). Sure our economy has seen better days and companies are letting go of seasoned employees every month, but I cannot understand why some of my most intelligent, talented friends have to settle for really crappy jobs. When they reveal that people just aren’t hiring, my visage says sympathetic, but every fiber in my body screams “oh shit.” I am, admittedly, naive. I refuse to accept that any college graduate should remain trapped in a vapid job. Hell, I still haven’t abandoned my dreams of becoming an astronaut, but because I am not a 6-year-old girl and I do not eat sand anymore, my sensibility has redirected my energy into something more practical. As I said before, my goal is a secret. But I will do WHATEVER it takes to get there. Any negativity from my parents, society, or my magic 8 ball will be discarded immediately. And I suggest that all my idealist comrades do the same. I have a lot of respect for those who are employed in positions that they are waaay overqualified for – mostly because they are unpretentious and have their shit together, unlike me. I’m just saying…Don’t forget about your dreams man. Don’t give up.

3 responses to “Blathering about Parents, Employment, and my Naivety

  1. I too have struggled with such uncertainties. I spent time (a large portion of it) on a different major and then realized it would never lead anywhere meaningful for me. I’ve contemplated law school for most of my life but I’ve watched the clock tick it’s way ’round far too many times while I’ve been in school. Between that and my personal debt counter ticking it’s way upwards from student loans and such I’m not as sure as I once was. Not long ago I discovered that my “fallback” career path was shot to hell. They haven’t been hiring for over 18 months. If feels increasingly plausible that I too will end up in some sort of occupation where I’ll awake every morning only to ask myself the big WTF. So in short, you aren’t the only lost soul around.

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