A 10-Year-Old Boy’s Views on Robots and Skyrim

I decided to do something a little different awesome today. I love getting kids’ opinions on things. Their answers are far more honest and straightforward than the responses you’ll receive from a lot of adults (at least this has been my experience). Getting to the point. My little brother and I have held some surprisingly insightful conversations about things like morality, the environment, how ugly Ke$ha is…stuff like that. So naturally, I thought about asking for his opinions about a few things related to this blog. Now, I’ll admit, it’s somewhat painful to listen to (Oh, did I mention this is a recording?). Despite knowing that he’s an extremely shy kid, I shoved my iPhone in his face and expected him to answer questions while maintaining his Skyrim dragon duel thingamahjig. As I’m sure you can imagine, the “interview” didn’t turn out too well. And why would it? You’re tearing a little boy away from his games! This process helped me learn that my brother is a man of few words. And that I really need to chill the eff out. It won’t hurt my feelings if you stop listening early, but just remember…a puppy and a kitty WILL die if you do that.

Put your cursor on the video and click the closed caption (CC) option and then click on ‘transcribe audio’. Pretty funny.


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