Meet Sara Tune, iPhoneographer Extraordinaire

For my Facebook friends and those who follow me on Instagram, it is no secret that I’m obsessed with whipping out my phone and capturing more textures, expressions, and movements than a sane person ought to. I, thankfully, am not alone. It may be impossible to expand on the thriving subculture that is iPhoneography without sounding like a pretentious Apple junkie, but I assure you…this artist has vision that does not even remotely seem to be hindered by her use of iPhone apps.

Sara Tune

Mobile Phone Awards Winner (Juxtaposer Category)

Sara's Winning Piece, "Awesome Sauce."

What I love about her work is the texture and quirky juxtapositions. I literally creep on her Flickr page every day to see if she has uploaded anything new.

"Puss N Boots Go Wild"


"Gently Into 7"

There are a lot of photographers who seem to use their own children as inspiration for their works, but there’s a whimsical element to Sara’s photographs that separate her from everyone else. Rather than focusing on the innocence of a child and editing with a clean, soft canvas, it seems that she looks for movement and shapes within her subject. That’s not to say that simple photos don’t make powerful pieces (oh, they certainly can), but when I scroll through Sara’s gallery, I feel like I’ve been immersed into the fantastical, surreal mind of a child.

"Hell If I Know"

"Silly Bean"

"Fight or Flight"

"King of 5"


If you’re at all interested in Sara’s evolution as an iphoneographer, I recommend that you check out the interview she recently gave Life in Lofi. But here are a few takeaways:

First iPhone App: Shake It

Personal Style: “I’ve always been attracted to layering and double exposures. I think I’m attracted to the humorous, surreal and bizarre, beautiful moods, personalities and also things that are odd, rusted, peeling paint or have a vintage feel.”

Favorite Apps:

  • Camera+
  • Superimpose
  • Juxtaposer
  • Diptic
  • Pic Grunger
  • Pixlr-o-matic
  • Lens Flare
  • PhotoForge2

Of course, I also recommend that you check out her Flickr page; GET INSPIRED.


One response to “Meet Sara Tune, iPhoneographer Extraordinaire

  1. Dude! Or dudette…. Wow! I just googled myself and found this! I had no idea anyone noticed me at all! So flattered! Thank you for taking the time to look and even think about my photos. Thrilled they made an impression. I do them because I love making them but I never thought they would find an audience at all. Been really lacking inspiration lately and possibly moving in a new direction. But thank you so much for this very sweet and eloquent article. Xx Sara .

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