An iPhone App for Aspiring Street Photography Ninjas

I am super weird when it comes to taking pictures in public. I prefer to be invisible, capturing life, movement, and spontaneity on the city streets undetected. But that doesn’t happen since the need to be inconspicuous severely limits the range of subjects I end up with (i.e. the reason I am in so many of my photos).

Experimenting with street photography had proven difficult and near impossible given my strange aversion to visibility, but luckily I found an app that solves my problem – sort of.

Nofinder is extremely helpful if you’re also weird about taking candid photos in public. Its most notable feature is the lack of a viewfinder (that way nosy onlookers can’t get up in your business and see that you’re taking a photo of another squirrel), and it allows you to preset the photosize, filter, and some other junk I haven’t figured out yet.

What you see instead of viewfinder

Photo filters - I haven't felt the need to upgrade.

Truth be told, I’ve taken some pretty bad pictures with this app since I still hold my phone at weird angles and snap while in motion (like I said, nobody can even suspect that I’m taking a picture of some guy riding a bike or an old brick wall). This app isn’t going to make a miracle of your poorly positioned iPhone, but I do have to say that the random shots I’ve mostly ended up with are good for layering/blending. Sometimes I don’t capture my intended subject, but I’ll save the photo in my “you never know” folder. That’s another thing, all of your images are sent straight to the camera roll and do not appear on your screen until retrieved. A lot of people complained about this feature in Nofinder’s reviews, as if it was some huge inconvenience. The idea is to be secretive, so I totally enjoy that aspect. Plus, I look forward to sifting through my camera roll at the end of the day to see what craptastic brilliance I managed to capture.

Here are some images that I took and then later re-edited. I cross processed all of these in another app and then blended some together, but each photo was taken with Nofinder. I’m just including these to help you visualize your creative potential ;)

You’d be surprised how many times I passed that sculpture with the intention of taking a picture. There were always so many slimy people around though. Now, I iz a ninja!


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