‘The Forest’ A Young Girl’s Struggle to Maintain Inner Peace

I don’t recall ever relating to the quandaries of a preteen, but there’s a first time for everything.  At the center of David Scharf‘s animated short “The Forest,” is a 12-year-old girl named Antonia.  She perceives her society to be a bastion of materialism, where greed inculcates people with pernicious ideas of what constitutes acceptable behavior.  Even the school system condemns individualism by programming ideas, rather than welcoming them.  Antonia occasionally escapes by  immersing herself into an imagined forest – a utopia that is devoid of material possessions and society’s depraved expectations.

When I felt lonely or misunderstood, the forest was there for me. It was a peaceful place, where the problems, or so I thought, were far away.

Like so many people, myself included, Antonia finds solace in her reveries.  However, this results in a detachment from her world – a detachment that will not be tolerated. Okay, I’ve said too much. Enjoy the film!


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