Pretty Close.

A few months ago I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with this blog.  Recently I’ve had a greater awareness of the creativity around me and I began to realize how important it is for people to have accessible outlets for their artistry. When it occurred to me that Idealist Junk had the potential to be an avenue for others, I immediately thought about my friend Tanya, one of the most passionate writers I know.  She approaches love and sexuality fearlessly, expressing emotion without inhibition, and I personally admire her propensity for bold and forthright prose. Writing can be a very liberating yet personal process, so I’d like to thank Tanya for sharing her craft so openly.

Pretty Close

by Tanya Silva

Photo by Maaike Verwijs


grew an appreciation for you, could just tell by your walk.

put it down so good on you, made a mute like you talk.

these two bodies were built to make one hell of a melting pot.

your eyes rolled back, could hardly stand, you overdosed on only half the tricks i got.

no games, no questions.

just you and me.

no bullshit, no complications.

just countless 4-hour sessions of mind-blowing copulating.

i didn’t have to lure, didn’t even need to set a trap.

cause i’m a monster, baby.

we both know damn well that i am.

i feel those eyes watching, scanning all over me.

don’t stop, i like it.

it’s better when we both dont say anything.

but those hard hands of yours are gonna have to pay the price.

cause even though i like your body, i hardly ever play nice.

i won’t hurt you, but i sure as hell bite.

oh did you already forget?

check out that scar i left on your side.

create friction like nobody’s business, you know how i do it just right.

take advantage while you have it, cause there aint ever gonna be another one quite like mine.

you’re gonna wish you made a mold of out of this anatomy.

cause once you’ve been here, all them other ones are gonna feel like rubber versions compared to me

i’m not saying i’m the best, but i’m pretty fucking close.

but sloppy seconds aint my style, so you can take that dick in your hand and go on and fuck my ghost.

Tanya is a bodacious 23 year old captivated by love, the written word, and whiskey.


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