11 Things About You and Me

Let’s just jump into this, shall we? It is my hope that after reading these little bits about my life, you’ll feel obligated very happy to answer 11 questions I’ve posed for you.

11 fun facts that will add no value to your life:

1. Since I watch a lot of weird, trippy movies, I sometimes sleep with the light on. I have what you’d call an overactive imagination…or it could be that I’m just a big puss.

2. Every time I visit my parents and my dad unexpectedly offers me the good wine, this is my reaction.

3. When I hear my neighbors doin’ the dirty making love, I blast Animal Collective’s “My Girls.” Not only does it muffle the reverberations caused by their heated ruckus, but I like to think that the ethereal instrumentation adds to their passion. So, I essentially do a service to my apartment complex as well as to the couple. I know, I’m a good guy.

4. I am deathly afraid of David Bowie. I know he has a very loyal cult following and makes music or whatever, but have you seen “The Labyrinth?” Scarred me FO’ LYFE.

No thank you.

5. Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend…at least, they’re not my best friend. Show up with red wine, delectable munchies (e.g. tacos, sushi, enchiladas, cupcakes, turkey burgers, quesadillas, and Chick-Fil-A), and cool movies, then YOU will become my best friend.

6. I have a big crush on Carl Sagan, but don’t tell him I said that….oh wait :(

7. In elementary school, my friends and I started an all-girl pop group called The Sparklers, and our seeming responsibilities included getting boyfriends and distracting the soccer players at recess. One of the first lyrics one of us wrote was: “Oh boooy, you treat me like a toy that you don’t even own. Oh, oh.” When we did manage to practice, if my memory serves me right, it amounted to little more than singing that one line at different pitches…I think we quit while we were ahead.

8. I used to think I suffered from some sort of physical abnormality, but then I went to a specialist and he reduced my defect to a mere case of anxiety. He tried to prescribe me Prozac, but I politely declined (though in retrospect, I probably could have made some righteous bucks selling that…just kidding Mom). It’s not that Christina Ricci wasn’t a successful ambassador for the drug in “Prozac Nation,” but I insisted that a combination of yoga and chilling the fuck out would restore my psyche. And it’s true, haven’t felt anxious since. Body, you weird.

What’s that Christina? I look like a fool? :(

9. Doesn’t matter how much I prepare for this answer, I’m always thrown off guard when people ask me to explain what Rhetoric & Writing is, why that field of study could possibly be worth the thousands of dollars in tuition, and how I can sleep at night knowing that I have no marketable skills.

I need to start traveling with a shrubbery.

10. And also, fuck these guys. If you don’t recognize them, you obviously haven’t visited the Instagram popular page.

I’d rather comb David Bowie’s hair.

11. My “Clue” DVD is one of my most prized possessions…anyone who has watched movies at my apartment unfortunately knows this.

Makes meh happy

So now, my questions to you!

1. Goosebumps or Animorphs?

2. What is your favorite beer or wine?

3. What is an irrational fear that has plagued you in life?

4. Worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given.

5. What was the last thing you ate?

6. Do you rescue spiders or do you kill them?

7. Did you read those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books as a kid?

Scurry – one of my favorite stories though.

8. When eating an Oreo, what is your technique?

9. What was the most craptastic Christmas/Birthday present you’ve ever been given? -OR- What was the most craptastic Christmas/Birthday present you’ve ever given someone?”

10. Say you had the power to lucid dream, what would you do first?

11. Do you think the Dallas Cowboys will ever win another Super Bowl?

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12 responses to “11 Things About You and Me

  1. 1. Goosebumps! (I was addicted)
    2. I need more wines in my life, but for beer…ehhh…Newcastle
    3. I believe all my fears are rational, or else I don’t think I would have the fear to begin with. I will say I believe spiders ruin my life just by existing.
    4. “Everyone’s doin it!”
    5. Pizza & Rocky Road with Bananas…don’t judge
    6. See #3. I either kill or run away with a legitimate belief that I’m covered by them
    7. Nope
    8. Murder with milk. I hold it under just until it looses its crunch.
    9. I either give great gifts or none at all! I’m pretty grateful, so I never noted a crappy gift. However, there was a Christmas where all I wanted was a PS2. I got a guitar (which I did not know how to play) instead. At the time, I hid my disappointment from my dad. Little did I know that it would change my life.
    10. Flying all day!
    11. Oh I sure hope not :) Although I’m a big Romo supporter

    • 1. Ah yes, me too. As previously mentioned by – everyone- those books that gave you options (go to pg. 17 to enter the ghostly corridor or pg. 38 to have dinner with Jake) were fun, though making the wrong decision early on probably garnered nihilistic feelings that too overwhelming for an 8 year old, haha.
      2. Bit of a Shock Top and Blue Moon fan :) I must try this Newcastle…
      3. lol, and the possibility of them crawling in your mouth, ears, wherever, when you’re in a deep slumber is especially daunting.
      4. True! Always hated that. It’s why I joined band in high-school, nobody was don’ it, haha.
      5. lololol
      7. You missed out! The illustrations were terrifying, to say the least.
      8. My personal favorite
      9. That’s actually amazing, I’m glad I know this :)
      10. I hope you’re not a Steelers or Skins fan!

  2. 1.Oh, the choose your own ending books were the best! I know exactly what you mean though about making the wrong choice in those books. Worst part was, they were almost all wrong if you wanted to live!
    2.Funny, those were the only other two beers I could even think to mention. Blue Moon is probably my go to.
    3.I always feel like they crawl in my ears while I’m sleeping! I still refuse to believe I ever swallow spiders in my sleep, I don’t care what they say.
    4.I joined band the second semester of my senior year because I had a 26% in my Spanish class and needed to transfer out haha.
    7. That picture sure does look terrifying, although I don’t know if I regret not adding more nightmares to my collection.
    10. Oh definitely not! Actually I’m a fan of the original Dallas franchise, the Kansas City Chiefs…which I will add, makes football much less enjoyable for me.

    I must ask though, why the fear of the Goblin King!? As a young girl, you were supposed to fall in love with the charming and powerful David Bowie, haha. I love that movie.

  3. You know, I don’t think it’s that Jareth is inherently frightening (even though that haircut is), I just couldn’t trust a guy that coexisted with strange, impish creatures. His kingdom seemed like a nightmare. Throughout adulthood, I’ve tried to finish the film but there’s one specific scene that always makes me think “Nope Nope Nope!” and I have to go play with a puppy or something. Perhaps you’ll remember: http://labyrinthfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/labyrinth-dance-3.jpg

    They were dancing around very fancifully and throwing their heads around like beach balls. I’m pretty sure a cow had more tolerance for bizarre fantasy than I did (at the time). And the Labyrinth, well it’s a bit of a character itself. Sarah was met with obstacles just in the peripheries of that realm, I was terrified to think what would happen once she penetrated the nucleus or actually made it to the Goblin King. Her desperation was usually met with more trickery, and I think even as a kid I was deeply sympathetic toward that.

    So, in a nutshell, I’m terrified of the entire movie and I’m not sure I’ll ever finish it. I’ve built it up too much, haha. :)

    • Okay, I guess I must admit that I do find it weird how he just lives amongst such a strange array of creatures. I think I was just lucky having first watched it once I turned 18, instead of being a child where it probably would have scarred me for life, much like The Dark Crystal did. Instead, I found so much comedy in the film that my mind pretty much manages to bypass everything that is off the wall bizarre. Actually, its the ridiculous nature of the movie that gives me the good laughs. I hope one day you can finish it! haha

      I’ll just leave you with this :)

  4. 1. Goosbumps, I have no idea how many of those books I read.

    2. Lagunitas IPA as a standard delicious beer, there is a very long list though.

    3. Dying alone, as in having nobody around when I die.

    4. Do what you’re good at.

    5. Last thing, an indian pistachio sponge cake. Currently, cardamom cookies!

    6. Rescue of course, spiders are the useful ones!

    7. After seeing that illustration I really wish I had.

    8. Throw it in my mouth and be happy that I am eating an oreo.

    9. A black and white striped mime shirt, though I got it in France so it was still awesome.

    10. Probably go to sleep so I could lucid dream!

    11. Why do the Dallas Cowboys not ride horses? They would win so many more superbowls that way.

    Also I somehow stumbled on your page when I was researching the guy that did the art for Fantastic Planet; so excellent taste there. (also your posts about “Un Chien Andalou” and “The Proof That We Are Soulmates” make me a very happy panda.

    • 1. Did you ever read the versions that allowed you to make decisions (turn to page 85 to eat the suspicious PB & J sandwich, or turn to 110 to walk away)? Reader agency, I just don’t see that anymore.
      2. Seems like an excellent suggestion; I find that pale ales are generally agreeable.
      3. I sometimes wonder why other mammals prefer to die in seclusion,
      whereas the thought of isolation terrifies humans. I don’t know, that seems like a perfectly rational fear, really.
      4. hmmm… would’ve liked your perspective on this one. Though, I can probably anticipate your argument. The things I love to do are seemingly impractical ways of earning a living; to be frank, a toaster could probably teach me a thing or two about practicality.
      5. Sounds dank
      6. ’tis true, ’tis true
      7. Puh-leeese look for this book next time you visit a library or bookstore. As you acknowledged, the illustration is wickedly grotesque. Badass for sure.
      8. That’s also my approach. I prefer to eat Oreos with optimal efficiency.
      9. I am jealous. That is a spectacular gift!
      10. There was so much room for elaboration with this one!
      11. I laughed

      I am pleased you came across my goofy little blog. And thank you for filling out these random little questions. It also made me a happy panda :)

  5. 1. My memory is fairly fuzzy but I would absolutely eat the suspicious PB&J. The highest extent of reader agency I see these days generally amounts to “Should I continue reading or make a suspicious PB&J and take a nap”

    2. To try what an IPA was originally you should pick up Boulder Brewing’s Mojo IPA. The smell is as magical as the taste is hoppy.

    3. I think that mammals are naturally group-centric while humans have a particular selfish gene which leads to this. I am sure there are plenty of people smarter than I am that have already talked about this.

    4. I went into University on a Computer Science track because I was good at it and could make money. Long story short I am an Art major now and substantially happier.

    5. Dank indeed.

    7. All my nearby bookstores have turned into arts and crafts stores but next time I order books on amazon I will include one of these. (speaking of excellent illustrations, I have an Illustrated Bradbury short story which I will be posting here later because I can’t remember the name.)

    9. Yea, the shirt has since been lost (I’ve moved around a lot) but the memories of Paris are still fresh, I miss it.

    10. Well the first thing I would do given I had the ability would be do get myself into a position where I could use it. Once there I would probably see how far I could push it.

    11. I don’t exactly follow sports. =D

    It seemed an interesting and agreeable blog NS I generally enjoy interesting and agreeable things. I am looking to set my own up to post my art and such in the future.

  6. Lauren I am probably pretty late on this, but I didn’t realize you had a blog. I have really enjoyed your posts so far! Especially the one you wrote back in March. It’s been awhile, so I thought this little series of questions would be a unique “hello again”!

    1. For sure Goosebumps. I had such a large collection growing up, and the ones where you got to choose your destiny in the book were definitely awesome.

    2. To really settle on a favorite wine would just limit me – there are SO many fantastic wines that offer such a variety of tastes. I’d have to say one of my favorites lately is a Chote du Rhone we stumbled across in an ambient Parisian hole in the wall. It was a light enough red wine to pair with both chicken AND the beef tartare I had there. Another favorite one actually was hand selected by one of our friends in Mittenwald – he is the owner of the Osteria, an Italian restaurant there and he went to Italy to have it made specifically for his restaurant. It is awesome. We smuggled a few back with us on our last trip. :)

    3. Irrational fear… I am terrified of frogs. They don’t really harm you (unless you find one of those brightly colored ones in the jungle!), but I jump about three feet in the air if one moves near my feet.

    4. I was once given the advice that to be able to “pinch an inch” meant that you were gaining too much weight. I call bullshit on that now! Close runner up would be that one of the “rules” for a happy marriage is to never go to sleep with an argument unresolved. To me, losing a night’s sleep trying to iron out a wrinkle just leads to sleep deprivation and, subsequently, a higher level of irritation. Makes no sense. Work it out when you have had some time to cool off!

    5. Last thing I ate was an applesauce. Not very exciting at all.

    6. I definitely kill spiders. They are not a fear of mine, but the thought of having them crawl all over me kind of creeps me out so I just kill it and there’s one less in the world to crawl on me.

    7. I did read them! However, I don’t remember which was my favorite…

    8. I like them to be half soaked in milk and then eat it as one cookie.

    9. I honestly can’t think of a present I didn’t really appreciate. There have been some that I have been more excited about than others, but none really jump out as a craptacular gift.

    10. If I could, I would lucid dream about living underwater – I love Scuba but it’s expensive to get all of that equipment! The underwater world is so calm and peaceful…. as long as my lucid dream never includes shark attacks or something.

    11. I don’t really follow football much, so I could never give you any type of an educated guess on that one!

    Anyway, hope you are doing well, and I look forward to reading any more of your posts!

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  8. 1. Goosebumps or Animorphs?
    Goosebumps all day.

    2. What is your favorite beer or wine?
    Asahi or Sapporo, because of the memories of drinking it in abundance in Japan.

    3. What is an irrational fear that has plagued you in life?
    Spiders, and deep water.. and sharks.

    4. Worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given.
    I honestly can’t answer this question because the worst advice I’ve ever gotten must’ve been so stupid I’ve long since forgotten it.

    5. What was the last thing you ate?
    A large triple cheeseburger with extra cheese and bacon from mcdonalds about twenty minutes ago!

    6. Do you rescue spiders or do you kill them?
    Good question. it depends on how big they are. If they are massive I usually run away like a little girl. But one way or another they will die. I secretly hate myself every time I kill a spider as I feel compassion for insects and animals, but I (ir)rationalise it by telling myself if they stay alive they will get bigger and scarier. I once found a spider in my record player and I bravely took it outside and set it free, probably the only spider I’ve ever saved. I figured that spider has been there an awfully long fuckin time and has grooved to all my music so he had to live.

    7. Did you read those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books as a kid?
    No, but I read goosebumps! And watched ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’, whenever they had marathons of that on Halloween I’d get so excited.

    8. When eating an Oreo, what is your technique?
    I get two oreos and take the lid off one and then combine the two, I then do various mathematical formulas and rituals before eating said super oreo.

    9. What was the most craptastic Christmas/Birthday present you’ve ever been given? -OR- What was the most craptastic Christmas/Birthday present you’ve ever given someone?”
    I was once given a book by someone that I originally gave them a year earlier, that was pretty craptastic; I gave the same book back to them the next year so that answers both questions!

    10. Say you had the power to lucid dream, what would you do first?
    I’ve lucid dreamed once before, and in that dream (when I found out I was dreaming and still in control) I jumped off the ground and started flying before the alarm cruely woke me up. If I had the power to lucid dream I’d like to give that a proper shot, then who knows. Maybe rob a bank?

    11. Do you think the Dallas Cowboys will ever win another Super Bowl?
    No idea, I’m from Australia.

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