Indulge your Imagination with Masanobu Hiraoka’s Animated Shorts

“Uneasiness and Triangle”

Japanese animator/illustrator/director Masanobu Hiraoka is the most recent member of Je Regarde, a French studio aimed at promoting creative animation.  Masanobu is a self-educated artist with a passion for developing things “based on metamorphosis and strange or impossible motions he sets up in an unlikely reality.”  I think the most daunting aspect of watching imaginative animation is also its most beautiful feature: there’s hardly a need to analyze what the creator intended to portray; its purpose is to inspire and stimulate your own faculties.


What would it look like if a child could explore, touch, and even ingest their own mind? The lullabyesque melodies in “Uneasiness and Triangle” and “On the Table”  immerse me in a dream where such things are conceivable. “Shake” is set in a monochromatic forest. Giant hands orchestrate a tranquil setting of peaceful apparitions, intended for one who saunters down a path far removed from reality. And finally, “Way” takes us on a stroll through a typical real world setting – but with a colorful twist, of course. Masanobu juxtaposes the mundane with abstraction and imagination.  These four whimsical shorts are fascinating enough to captivate a child, but I hope you find that there are intriguing elements fit for a more mature audience. Enjoy!

“Uneasiness and Triangle”

“On the Table”




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