“We get it, you like stuff.” The Likecoholic by Asaf Hanuka


Asaf Hanuka is an editorial illustrator whose artistic perspective is wonderfully candid and communicates witty, innate narratives that can either supplement articles or stand alone – much like political cartoons and caricatures.  He’s a comic book artist who chronicles his life in weekly comics as well as a self-proclaimed clandestine schizo twin who likes cats.

I like this guy, especially if he shares my disdain for gratuitous information sharing on Facebook. My most recent grumble has been about the profusion of the site’s lusty pages (i.e., Gym Hotties, Exquisite Females) and the equally steady rise in boys that feel compelled ‘like’ every. single. one.

“Oh you’re just jealous because you look like a candlestick.”

To you, I say “shut up!”

ANYWAY, I’m not unreasonable; I totally defend a guy’s right to browse the covered boobs and booties of consenting ladies, but that browser history must be decently shocking if there’s a need to promulgate your restless libido to the public. Right click, create new folder. Repel curiosity with a title like  “Finances”” and save your incriminating stash like a gentleman!

[H/t Juxtapoz]


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